Health supplements

We are an authorized independent distributor for Nature's Sunshine complete line of herbal supplements. Recommended by health practitioners around the world, this line is sourced, manufactured and tested against the most rigorous quality standards. We are happy to help you select the right combination of personalized supplements to address your natural living needs. Contact us today for a free consultation, or browse through our portal for pricing and to learn the benefits of becoming a Nature's Sunshine member yourself. >>SHOP

Essential oils

We're also an authorized independent distributor for Young Living essential oils, a brand based in Utah known for many of the leading essential oils in the world. Whether used alone or as part of a blend, the health benefits of using essential oils in diffusers and topically is a wonderful way to supplement any wellness lifestyle. We offer customized recommendations, usage guidelines and other ways to personalize your essential oil experience via phone or email, and would be happy to discuss pricing and the right essential oil regimen for you and your family. >>GET QUOTE

Reiki and energy healing services

Each uniquely created offering is meant to bring a bit of peace, contentment and harmony to help balance your hectic lifestyle. Browse books for meditation, blessed jewelry, herbal satchets for all manners of ailments, and more.  Need something custom? Contact us today, we love working with you to individualize your order to ensure happy and healthful results. My items are blessed, cleansed and charged before I send them, and I suggest that you repeat your intentions (and cleanse and program if you like) upon receiving them.  It will make each item empowered and more powerful for you. I can't promise a magickal miracle, only a wonderful product. >> SHOP