Mental and spiritual health matter

Reiki is a form of energy healing that always helps and never harms, and many people find that a healthy mind and spirit are the foundation of a healthy lifestyle.

I do not guarantee or promise that any animal or person will be healed with any Reiki System; each being is different and will have their own experiences and results that may vary. 

Unique to you

Each session includes an interview (either over the phone or thorough e-mail), a service customized to your level, philosophy and intention, and a follow-up interview to discuss results and any questions we may have together. I am a Reiki Master, and have been practicing energy work for nearly 10 years. 

Beneficial to humans as well as animals, pricing can vary based on your needs. Please complete the form for an individualized quote.

Each service also includes 20 percent off any item in my store - choose from crystals, blessed jewelry, herbal poultices and remedies, resources and products to promote healthful living.

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