Rice Bowls



These make a quick lunch or a nice side dish for dinner. 



1# rice, your choice.  Today I used Lundberg’s Wild Rice Blend.

1-2 bags frozen veggies (or fresh, if in season)

6-8 freezer safe containers

Braggs Liquid Amino’s, tamari or soy sauce, optional

Cooked meat, fish or egg optional.


Cook your rice according to your cooker’s (or the package) instructions.


Divide rice evenly into your containers, and 1/2 to 3/4 cup per container.  I usually get about 6-10 per one pound package of rice, depending on the kind of rice.


Spritz the rice with Braggs (or other) and pile on your veggies.  Give the veggies another spritz, and pop on the lid, freeze or refrigerate till you’re ready.


These are incredibly versatile, considering all the add-in’s and/or spices options available.  A sprinkling of curryand a bit of chicken is really tasty, as is cheese or nutritional yeast.  A chopped, hard boiled egg and some tamariand you’ve got Chinese takeout, no preservatives, added sodium or hidden MSG.