Luxurious Lotion Bars

1 cup of Coconut Oil 1 cup of Shea Butter (can substitute for 

   Cocoa Butter or do ½ & ½ if preferred) 

1 cup of Beeswax

1 tsp of Vitamin E Oil

25-50 drops of an essential oil or blend 

of favorite oils to your liking

DIRECTIONS: Combine everything EXCEPT essential oils

in a glass bowl or glass jar that will fit all of the ingredients 

(make sure it’s something you do not want to use for food 

in the future) over and small saucepan with at least 1 inch of 

water in it. Melt all the ingredients over a medium heat, stirring

constantly until they are completely melted. Have essential oils 

ready to go, the mixture will harden quickly. So turn heat to the 

lowest possible setting add oils, stir and pour into the mold of 

your choice. Silicone baking cups are a great option but you can 

use cupcake liners in a regular cupcake tin as well. These will 

harden and can be popped out of the mold and used as a 

moisturizing bar on the body and make a great gift.