Beltane Blessings

People in ancient times loved a holiday & Beltane was a great excuse to quit working and make some love. May is a month offspecial magic, fertility & new life. It is a time  when the unseen can be seen. It was on May Eve that the Tuatha de Danann (tribe of the Goddess Danu) arrived in Ireland. They later took refuge in the hollow hills and became known as the People of the Hills and the Sídhe.

We've all heard of them; we know them as the faeries. And in May their magic is strongest. Beltane is as good an excuse as any to break out those wings and commune & dance with the Faeries & possibly a May Pole. The May Pole is the quintessential phallic symbol representing marriage between the Goddess & the God. The king (THE POLE) planted into Mother Earth, symbolizes union, balance & the spirit of plant life. So enjoy your day...and...May the Goddess be with you!!!!